A legislator can be reached by mail, telephone, or e-mail at the address listed in the legislator’s bio. Find your legislators and their bio pages.

10 Simple Communication Principles



There are two methods for contacting a state legislator by phone.


  1. Leave a message for any legislator at any time by calling 1-888-NDLEGIS (635-3447) or 701-328-3373. This generic number does not ring to any specific legislator’s office.  You will be able to leave a message, indicating your desire for a specific piece of legislation.  This message will be forwarded to his office.

  2. Call the legislator’s office directly.

Face to Face meeting

Meeting in person is one of the most effective strategies for political influence.  You can schedule a meeting with your legislator through their office.  This meeting may occur at the capital.  Or, you might ask to have a meeting scheduled with your legislator during the next time they are back in their home communities.  You might offer to have the legislator visit your practice if they have not seen NPs in action before.

Offering Testimony

Testifying before a legislative committee may feel intimidating at first.  However, legislators are eager to hear the expert opinion and unique perspective our profession has to offer.  By testifying, we help inform their decisions.

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