NDNPA resolution in support of dental therapy

WHEREAS, thousands of North Dakotans do not receive regular, routine dental care because there is not enough access to providers across the state, particularly for those patients on Medicaid, kids, nursing home residents, and Native Americans; WHEREAS, according to the annual EPSDT participation report from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 68% of kids (1-20) covered by Medicaid in North Dakota did not see a dentists in 2019; WHEREAS, nurse practitioners are committed to increase access to care for all patients, particularly if they are an underserved population; WHEREAS, dental therapy is an evidence-based, effective model to expand the dental workforce under the super

NDNPA Position Statement on Measure 3

North Dakota Measure 3: Marijuana Legalization and Automatic Expungement Initiative NDNPA opposes this measure and asks for your support to vote NO on the initiated measure: 1. Marijuana remains illegal under the federal law. 2. Many states are dealing with a wide variety of policy questions and problems post legalization, nine states and the district of Columbia have recreational marijuana. 3. Law enforcement in states where marijuana is legalized spend a disproportionate amount of time responding to citizen complaints and violations. 4. Data indicates in these states an increase in prevalence of marijuana detected in fatal crashes. THC is linked to poor driving performance and de

Annual Report Legislative Liaison 2018

Interim committees followed this last year: Health Services Committee Human Services Committee Health Care Review Reform Committee Jenna Herman, FNP is the ND state rep to AANP Amy Shimek, FNP is working with the North Dakota Health Information network group that is discussing monthly Tele Health. NDNPA will be working closely again with the Center for Nursing and monitoring legislation this next legislative year 2019. Our next legislative session start Jan. 2019 and will conclude around May 1st. Each Friday at 12 noon there is a legislative update on the phone, please contact Patricia Moulton if you are interested to be on the list to receive the email and call in information. patricia.mou

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