The first step to become involved in the legislative process requires becoming familiar with the legislators serving in our legislative assembly and the bills that are important to you or your profession. NDNPA will work to keep you informed of legislation important to your practice and your patients. These resources have been developed to assist your communication with legislators.

Find your legislators.

You are welcome to speak with any legislator. However, constituents have a particularly important voice with legislators of their respective districts.

The second step to effectively communicating about health policy is to be aware of currently proposed legislation and the status of individual bills. NDNPA will work to keep you informed through an electronic mailing list.  If you recognize you are not receiving email communications from NDNPA, please update your information on the mailing list.

It is helpful to check the current status of a bill before visiting with a legislator.  NDNPA board members are always willing to offer updates of bill status.  However, if you would like to query information for a specific piece of legislation you can make a Bill Status Inquiry by visiting and clicking the bill number search box on the top of the page.

When lobbying specific legislation it is very important to be aware of what committee the bill has been assigned to.  It will be very important to contact these legislators prior to the committee voting on their recommendation. Standing committees are assigned bills appropriate for their jurisdiction, by the presiding officer of the chamber the bill was introduced in.

  • To find a house or senate standing committee, members, click here.

  • To view the latest legislative events calendar, click here.

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