Rising meets with Senator Heitkamp

Senator Heitkamp met by teleconference this AM with specified sites across ND. I was present at the Federal Building in Bismarck, ND. She spoke first on the Tax bill that is to be voted on today or tomorrow.

One issue of concern is the repeal on mandate for insurance. The individual mandate is not there. This will allow individuals to not purchase health care. They may not purchase until they get ill then purchase. The Senator explained that that will drive up the costs. If you only buy hail damage when the storm hits, that would drive up that insurance also. Insurance companies will not effectively manage costs. Increase in costs will come over to those those that do purchase.

The second concern is PAY GOES. If we do not see growth and only see a loss, then the automatic trigger will go into effect. That could lead to 4 percent cuts to Medicare. There may also be reduced payment to farm and oil and gas.

Then the Senator spoke the urgency to pass reauthorization. CHIP and CHC and others. She is hoping fdor a 5 year reauthorization. She also spoke on Murry Alexander and the HIT TAX. The sales tax on premiums. This would go back to costs on the consumer.

The last topic was about behavior and mental health. She spoke about Native American being able to sign up for dual certification, with HIS and Medicaid. CMS would pay out 100 percent. This leads to better coordination of care.

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