Annual Report Legislative Liaison 2018

Interim committees followed this last year:

Health Services Committee

Human Services Committee

Health Care Review Reform Committee

Jenna Herman, FNP is the ND state rep to AANP

Amy Shimek, FNP is working with the North Dakota Health Information network group that is discussing monthly Tele Health.

NDNPA will be working closely again with the Center for Nursing and monitoring legislation this next legislative year 2019. Our next legislative session start Jan. 2019 and will conclude around May 1st.

Each Friday at 12 noon there is a legislative update on the phone, please contact Patricia Moulton if you are interested to be on the list to receive the email and call in information.

We will meet monthly to start in Sept and then in 2019 legislative session we will meet on the phone weekly. It is a great way to stay updated and bring up any issue of concern.

NDNPA will host a breakfast at the capitol from 7am to 9 am on Monday, Jan. 14th, all NPs are welcome to attend and network with your legislators in your district.

Nursing Day at the legislature will be Jan. 23rd and NDNPA will have a booth there with information on bills we are promoting. Anyone that would like to come and work with us and sit in on committee hearings and network with legislators is welcome.

An updated MAP on APRN information will be distributed to the legislators on Jan. 14th, at our legislative breakfast. This MAP identifies how many NPs, midwives, CRNAs, and CNSs there are in each city in ND.

Medical Marijuana information is available at this annual conference at the Center for Nursing booth by the ND Department of Health. We did testify at the last legislature in 2017 and NPs are included in the bill to allow us to recommend marijuana if there is an appropriate diagnosis. Please visit the booth to get up to date information on this issue. Also, slides are available on our website.

There is an initiated measure on the ballot in Nov. in ND regarding recreational marijuana, a NDNPA position statement on this issue is included.

BILLS: we are bringing forward this year:

  1. A Bill for an act to amend and reenact subsection 10 of section 20.1-02-05 of the North Dakota Century Code, to allow APRNs to verify the physical conditions necessary for special hunting permits to be issued to individuals to shoot form stationary motor vehicles. I thank Kellee Hollenbeck, FNP for bringing this issue forward and working on this bill.

  2. A bill will come forward also with updated language with Work Force Safety laws and change terminology to health care provider and make all language consistent provider neutral. Rhonda Jolliffe, FNP and Cheryl Rising, FNP worked on this bill

  3. Our President Adam Holman is working on the Role of the Nurse in Sedation/Analgesia, please contact Adam if you are interested in helping. We need to come out with a statement from NDNPA on this issue and then bring this to the ND BON. Some individual APRN had a concern on the rule that was put out by the BON this last May.

  4. Another issue being worked on is with Sanford Health: it is regarding denial of certain prescriptions for dermatology and rheumatology. Amy Suda, FNP brought this forward and we have been in contact with our national AANP and with Sanford individuals. Tim Donelan with Sanford health will be reviewing this issue with the Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee. All NPs at Sanford and around the state that have a concern with this issue should communicate to me and I will forward you information to Tim.

  5. If there are practice issues in the state of ND that are of concern to you, please contact us.

Cheryl Rising, FNP

phone number: 701-527-2583

Tara Brandner, FNP

Jenna Herman, FNP

Adam Holman, FNP

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