NDNPA resolution in support of dental therapy

WHEREAS, thousands of North Dakotans do not receive regular, routine dental care because there is not enough access to providers across the state, particularly for those patients on Medicaid, kids, nursing home residents, and Native Americans;

WHEREAS, according to the annual EPSDT participation report from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 68% of kids (1-20) covered by Medicaid in North Dakota did not see a dentists in 2019;

WHEREAS, nurse practitioners are committed to increase access to care for all patients, particularly if they are an underserved population;

WHEREAS, dental therapy is an evidence-based, effective model to expand the dental workforce under the supervision of the dentist that has been accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation;

WHEREAS, the NDNPA has for years supported the work of North Dakotans for Dental Access in authorizing dental therapy in ND;

NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved that the ND Nurse Practitioners Association wholeheartedly endorses the work of North Dakotans for Dental Access and joins the coalition to authorize the practice of dental therapy in the state as a means of increasing access to dental care.

Signed by NDNPA President Adam Hohman on 9/26/2018

PDF of support

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