State Issues

The North Dakota Legislative Assembly meets during odd numbered years. Preparation work begins long before the session convenes. However, once in session, it is important nurse practitioners across the state have access to the information they need in order to participate in policy formation.

This area will hold several valuable tools for North Dakota nurse practitioner to use during times of debate on new legislative issues.  For each piece of legislation NDNPA is working on you will find a:

  • Bill Summary – A summary of a proposed piece of legislation.

  • One Pagers – A document that in one page, succinctly offers crucial points of proposed legislation. A one pager can be used to guide a conversation, highlight important points and can be left with a legislator for future reference.  See an example of a One Pager used for SB2158.

  • Template Emails/Letters – Nurse practitioners are busy professionals.  As a result, the time required to author an original letter or email narrative is not always feasible.  NDNPA recognizes this and to overcome this barrier is committed to providing templates of email and letter messages that can be utilized by nurse practitioners across the state. See an example of a Template Letter used for SB2158.

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